Matthew L. Myers is the Founder/CEO of Infrastructure Upgrade, Inc (IUI) ® IUI Mobile ®. He led the teams closing, consolidating and relocating Bank of the West’s footprint – 600 to 500 branches (including new openings. moving BNP Paribas and Bank of the West’s entire data center operations from Monterrey Park, CA to Omaha, NE and Denver, CO (disaster recover); and the technical and Cash Management teams in the North American launch of BNPP’s Connexis (international wires) and Cash Pooling (cash aggregation) platform/products. He was instrumental in setting up the basing initiative to relocate 18,000 troops and their dependents from Okinawa to Guam. Matthew Myers has extensive experience managing large scale initiatives for the private sector and government. In his spare time he enjoys big mountain free riding (mountain biking and snowboarding), road cycling, surfing and running marathons.

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Infrastructure Upgrade, Inc. ® Usage: Visitors from 2900+ international cities, 154+ countries, 52 U.S. States/Territories and representing 103+ international languages.Upgrade It! ® and IUI Enterprise ® are live in the Apple App Store!


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